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This is for my granny who still checks my blog since I've been home. So, the update for me is that I'm teaching 4th grade Math, Science, and Health. So far it has been fun. I have a good class and I think we will have fun. The staff and administration is really nice and they seem to be fun people. It is a little overwhelming trying to figure out all of the stuff going on and everything I have to do. It is a good think that I'm co-teaching so I don't have to know everything right off the bat. I think it will be a good place to work. I got my staff mailbox and a name tag for my door so I am happy. They laugh because it doesn't take much to make me happy since everything is so new.

I'm thinking about moving to San Marco or San Jose. I'm thinking sometime in the summer because I would like to teach swimming lessons this summer. On the home news, I bought two chaise lounges that I LOVE. They are so comfortable.

I'm thinking that is about it for me right now. I…
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Leaving Milan-Sept 10, 2009

Ciao! Last night we spent the night at Aviano airbase in Aviano, Italy. On the way there we were welcomed, several times, by the city of Porcia. For those of you who have never had the privilege of visiting Porcia, let me outline the town for you. When you get off the autostrada (highway) there are a lot of crops growing in fields. The Gossip Bar is lit up in neon lights and seemed to be a popular place. If you pass some houses you will come to a little town of about one streetlight. There is what looks like a tractor dealership and a restaurant. End of Porcia. We were honored to drive through the town on several occasions, entering from many different angles, as we followed the Italian directions to the airbase procured from an array of people whom we stopped to ask directions.

Well, we finally made it to the airbase and the view was beautiful! It is nice and flat and then randomly there were just these mountains that appeared against one side of the base. I love how the mountains jus…

Last Elba Pictures

Hey guys,
I'm back logging pictures for you. Enjoy!

This is Porto Ferraio

This is the "Crazy Car." It was from World War II and it was a sweet car. We would all pile in it to go to the beach.

The lighthouse at Porto Ferraio. The pink building on the side in where Napoleon lived.


Hanging out at the house

Girls night with the other nannys

Part of the fort in Porto Ferraio

Some things I've learned

Hey guys,

As I was reflecting on this summer and all that I've experienced I realized that there were some very important life lessons that I've learned. I have decided to share them with you in an effort to help you learn from my mistakes or experience. Here we go:

1. A bottle of organic shampoo (no I'm not a tree-hugger; it just smelled good) will last an entire two months even if you frequently shower more than once a day.
2. Nothing makes eggs taste good.
3. Just try it. Even if it's purple and scary looking. It will most likely be good.
4. Gelatto is more fattening than ice cream
5. I eat when I'm stressed. You might too. If you move to Italy there is less food in the store so you can't stress eat as much (unfortunately, you just eat a lot of bread instead).
6. Drinking water, not coke, makes you feel better.
7. Outside showers are infinitely better than inside showers.
8. Watermelon can make the hottest day bearable.
9. I love Walmart.
10. No matter how horrible you…


Hey everyone,
Well, the summer is coming to a close. School starts on the 7th of September and I have decided that this has been the best summer of my life but I am ready to start being a teacher. So, I will do a quick tour of some of Europe and head home on the 18th of September. Don't worry, you will get pictures from Venice, Rome, Brussels, and Paris. Thanks for being devout followers of the blog. You all have made this trip so much more fun for me!


P.S.- more pics to come

Hey everyone,

Let’s see....I went waterskiing this week. Thanks to grandpa for teaching me how to slalom. It is more difficult in the ocean than the nice flat lake and I had to drop a ski because the boat wasn’t powerful enough to haul my big butt out of the water on one ski. Nevertheless, I had a fun time and made it before I did a spectacular flip/ nose-dive. I forgot how sore it makes you the next day and I couldn’t make a fist because I used all of those wrist muscles to pull myself out of the water. It was so much fun.

Yesterday some friends of the family from NY came. We spent the day on the boat I got to spend some time talking with people who spoke English. The family was so nice I we had a lot of fun swimming and bouncing on the waves. They pointed out something that I never noticed about Elba. There are no clouds here. It never rains because it is the summer time (that isn’t weird) but I realized that it is kind of a strange thing that I could never quite put…


Hey guys,

First things first: sorry that it has taken me so long to get on here. I was having some connection problems. I don't have everything resolved so I might be putting some stuff like pictures on after this message. Bear with me.

Last night was so much fun. We are in Capoliveri on the Island of Elba and they have a festival/ party one night every week during the month of August. It is kind of a mix between Halloween and Marti-Gras but without the naked/ costumes. The whole town is decked out in periwinkle (thanks to Camille I know what that color is), purple, and black. All night there was music in the streets and it seemed like the whole island was milling about the small hilltop. They have this tradition to let small homemade balloons into the sky at 1:00 in the morning. It was really beautiful. The balloons are like hot air balloons but they are the size of big beach bags. There is a little square of some kind of flammable material inside on metal hangars that you light an…